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Elizabeth Cissy Wilhelmy (Urrutia*)


                                     ELIZABETH "CISSY" WILHELMY URRUTIA

                                                July 7, 1945 - August 27, 2017








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09/01/17 08:14 PM #17    

Carol Conway (McGuire)

I am sad to know that Cissy is no longer with us.  I will miss her wit, intelligence and Irishness! This past St. Patrick's Day, she and Bud joined us and the Labatts at our house for an evening to share a meal and some Irish humor.  She certainly was patient with her illnesses and many setbacks.  Jack and I both admired her talents and will miss the many enjoyable evenings we spent with the two of them.  Also, I just loved the letters she sent me while I was in MT...written in her hand on simple lined tablet paper....treasures every one of them.  I picture her in God's infinite love and skipping along with her beloved dogs. 

09/02/17 01:41 AM #18    

Robin Miller (Holbrook)

i thank you all, as well, for writing more about Cissy! The sweetness I saw in school was there her whole life! What a joy to know!!

I took a moment to read through the names of all who have embarked on their continuing adventure. Oh we have lost some very precious people from this realm! We knew each other at 17; now we're 70!!! Some days dragged on; but the years flew by...



09/02/17 11:54 AM #19    

Charles Tate

Cissy was a gentle, creative, funny and beautiful woman, inside and out. I saw her for the last time two weeks ago and I had one more chance to experience that Irish humor and zest for life. I will miss one of my lifelong dearest friends.

09/02/17 07:33 PM #20    

Charles Tate






Having read Nancy's excellent short bio on Cissy, I would like to add one additional fact.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, a group of our classmates gathered at Carol Conway's house to hear President Kennedy's address to the nation. The President based his comments and the administration's response to this threat on confirmed evidence of the existence of missile silos in Cuba. What we didn't know, and wouldn't until year's later, was that this evidence was from low level photos of the silos that had been taken by two separate Navy fighter planes, one of which was piloted by Cissy's brother, Bruce Wihelmy, whom she adored. Unless you knew this aspect of her family history, the name Lt. Bruce Wilhelmy on the side of one of those two photo recon jets in the movie Thirteen Days would have had no meaning to you.

During our Freshman year at Texas, I picked Cissy up at Hardin House to bring her back to SA to be with her family, having just found out Bruce, a Navy test pilot, had been killed while testing a new, experimental jet fighter  for the Navy.






09/03/17 01:07 PM #21    

Carol Starr

Wow, thanks Charles, for the additional rich and poignant insight about Cissy and Bruce.  I had forgotten both about his contribution and sacrifice.

09/03/17 07:35 PM #22    

Toni Lincecum (Casteel)

I have read all these tributes and memories of Cissy and am sad that I didn't know her better. We ran in different circles but I always thought she was the prettiest girl in our class. Knowing from all these words the challenges she faced makes me realize I missed a special person. Life is short, and we should reach out while we can.  God has given us a number of days-- let's not miss out on the friendships.

09/03/17 11:49 PM #23    

Robin Miller (Holbrook)

CHARLES!!! THANK YOU so much for relating this story to us!! History has touched us all to some extent. We must NEVER forget our service people! What they did and continue to do is nothing short of heroic!!!! Even sitting at a desk is heroic! EVERYTHING that keeps this country free IS HEROIC!! Just looking at Cissy's face you would think she "had it made!"' Fact is, no one does!!! As Henri Nouwen said we are all "walking wounded."   I'm glad Cissy was able to keep smiling. Her light means even MORE knowing these things about her. She did NOT let her sorrows in life become "wasted tragedies." There is an enormous lesson there!!! I don't think her light will EVER go out...

09/03/17 11:51 PM #24    

Robin Miller (Holbrook)

Just LOOK at that SMILE!!!! The hairstyle has changed but the smile is the same one she had at 16!!!! I REALLY missed something by not knowing her well!!!

09/04/17 10:41 AM #25    

Jean Blocker Castleberry (Adsit)

My thoughts and prayers are for Cissy, Her Family and Friends,
Although it has been many, many years since seeing Cissy, I will always remember her as being kind, beautiful, creative and having a great sense of humor. She will be treasured in all of our hearts. God Bless Cissy and May She Rest In Peace.

09/04/17 12:22 PM #26    

Katherine Letteer (Haimson)



One only had to have occasional contact with Cissy to carry her in one's heart. (I live in California and rarely saw her over the last 50 years.) When talking to her I always felt I was the most important person in her life at that moment.  She was able to make me feel that she had understood and completely identified with whatever issue we were talking about. I have aspired to do the same with people,  but she was gifted!!!  I guess it was so much suffering and having such a big heart.  I miss her!!

Charles, thanks for sharing about her brother, Bruce  I remember how proud she was of her brothers. We watched 13 Days last night, and I started to cry when I saw him take off in that airplane.  Great movie for reminding us of the extraordinary service of our military and even the politicians who are making life and death decisions all the time to try to keep us safe.  Thank you, Cissy, for what you gave us all--all the extraordinary qualities everyone has shared about you which you shared with us.


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